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West Hartford

WH Veterans Memorial


The Connecticut Veterans Memorial West Hartford is a unique testimonial dedicated to all members of the Armed Services who served the United States beginning with the earliest conflict in our country’s history, the King Philip War, up to the present Global War on Terror. It is located in Veterans Park, opposite the Goodman Green in West Hartford Center.

This Veterans Memorial is a sculptural expression of time and emotion that commemorates the history of all wars. The Memorial is a circular Wall of Peace that salutes those who gave their lives for our country. The wall is constructed of blocks of polished black granite in the form of a circle. At each point along the wall when our Armed Forces went into conflict, the smooth circular wall is violently broken, and the names of the West Hartford veterans who gave their lives during that conflict are engraved on the Wall of Peace.

An important feature of the Memorial’s design for the community is the Walk of Remembrance. This walkway, adjacent to the wall, comprises solid granite pavers, dedicated to those who served their country. The name of any veteran who served in the United States Armed Services may be engraved on these stones. The Wall of Peace leads to the green lawn, an inner space of reflection and peace.

To bind the past forever with the future, soils from battlefields, cemeteries and prison war camps from around the world and waters from the seven oceans are combined with our Connecticut earth in the center of the Memorial—the Court of Honor. In the quiet ambience of the Memorial, when soft lights illuminate the grounds, one almost can hear a soft whisper from those we honor . . . “Remember me!”

The outer circumference of the Walk of Remembrance forms a timeline of local and national historical events.

This Memorial and walkway serve as a Monument to the spirit, sacrifice and commitment of the American people to the common defense of our Nation and the greater good of world peace and freedom.

On May 21, 2006 a Dedication Day ceremony was held.