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Memorial Day Parade

West Hartford takes great pride in hosting its annual Memorial Day Parade. It follows a tradition established by returning West Hartford veterans from World War I in the 1920s. The West Hartford Veterans Commission welcomes all veterans, with a group or alone, to join us in the parade.

Assembly of parade units will take place at 9:30 AM in designated areas west of Woodrow Street on Farmington Avenue.

In honor of the 50th anniversary of America's increased involvement in the Vietnam War, we would like to pay special tribute to Vietnam era veterans.  We are asking that each group consider doing something to honor a Vietnam veteran this year.  This honor may take the form of a picture of a Vietnam veteran with the name and years of service on a placard or something else that you create.  The veteran may be a family member or special friend of someone in your group (e.g. a grandfather of a Little League player) or maybe just an historical figure that you decide you would like to honor on this special day.  You could also ask a veteran to walk with your group.  And of course, if your group would prefer to honor a veteran from another period, then please do so.  This parade is meant to honor all American Veterans!

Line of March:  The parade begins on Farmington Avenue, at the intersection of Woodrow Street, and contingents will march east on Farmington Avenue and then shall turn south onto South Main Street, marching on the east side of the Goodman Green to Burr Street.  The parade shall turn left onto Burr Street and into the Town Hall parking lot to be dismissed by their Leaders.  Exception: the antique cars shall continue south onto South Main Street to the Boulevard to exit the parade. 

Review:  The parade shall be reviewed by the parade officials from the reviewing stand located at the south end of the Goodman Green.  Parade officials shall march in the parade to the reviewing stand and either fall out, or continue to the end and make their way back to the reviewing stand.

Weather Contingency:  If weather appears to be a factor on the day of the parade, units will be informed by email as soon as possible.  THERE IS NO RAIN DATE. The Memorial Day Ceremony will be held indoors to Town Hall, Room 314, and held at 11 AM.

Memorial Day Ceremony: Immediately following the parade, a brief memorial service will be held at Town Hall, Room 314, at 11AM.

Parking: Free parking ALL DAY at ALL municipal parking sites on Memorial Day.

Starting 12AM on-street parking is prohibited along parade route:

  • Pleasant St, West side, from Whitman to Farmington
  • Farmington Ave, both sides, from Walden to Raymond
  • Main St, both sides, from Brace to Burr

If you have any questions, please email whmemorialdayparade@yahoo.com.