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West Hartford

General Conditions

The Contractor is responsible for themself and anyone working directly or indirectly under their supervision, for:

Full compliance with all applicable laws, statutes, ordinances, codes, rules and regulations, including, without limitation, the latest revisions to the Town’s Standard Specifications, Details, and Policies regulating street excavation, curb and walk layers, street construction, and storm sewer installation, ConnDOT Standard Specifications (Form 818), Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), and American with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. Here are the Town’s Standard Specifications, Details, Maintenance and Protection of Traffic Policy, and Use of Steel Road Plate Policy

Safety of the worksite and surrounding area, including, in particular, the safety of pedestrians, motorists, and workers. The Town has the right, but not the responsibility, to monitor worksite safety. The Town may take such steps as it deems appropriate, including notifying and directing the Contractor to make the worksite safe and/or taking such action as it deems reasonably necessary and back-charging the Contractor.

Implementation of a traffic control plan to maintain safe vehicle and pedestrian passage in accordance with the most current revision of the Town’s Maintenance and Protection of Traffic Policy, Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), and American with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. Access for residents, emergency vehicles, school buses, service vehicles shall be maintained at all times.

Protection of the Town’s infrastructure and repair and/or replacement of any sidewalk, curbs, pavement, traffic signs, traffic control devices, pavement markings, vegetation, subsurface improvements, etc. The Contractor acknowledges that for purposes of the State’s “Call Before You Dig” regulations, the Town’s storm drainage system constitutes a standard and repeating layout connected by facilities visible on the surface. The Contractor will be provided with a map identifying the location of the Town’s storm drainage near the contractor’s work area upon request. The worksite shall be restored completely by the Contractor when the work is completed. The Contractor shall appropriately secure the site at the end of each workday.

Compliance with all permit conditions of approval.

Indemnifying the Town for any and all harm directly or indirectly caused by the negligence of the Contractor and/or failure to comply with any permit condition or requirement. 

Unless expressly approved by the Town Engineer or their agent and noted on the Engineering Permit (or indicated in a separate, signed communication):

  • Construction activity shall be limited to Monday through Friday, and to the hours of 7:00AM to one hour after sunset. The Town has the right to restrict work hours based on the location of work.
  • No street or sidewalk shall be closed nor detour established. Traffic must be maintained at all times (one lane in each direction).
  • Excavation requires daily patching with bituminous concrete.
  • No steel plates are permitted. Where authorized, they must be pinned, edges paved each night, and warning signs posted.
  • No work shall result in the concentration and/or discharge of surface or subsurface water onto public or private property.
  • No materials and/or equipment shall be stored on the street, sidewalk, or other Town property, outside of work hours. Stored materials and/or equipment shall be protected with lights and barricades.

Upon signature by a duly authorized town employee, the Engineering Permit Application, together with the separately executed Liability and Indemnification Agreement, bonding, and insurance requirements shall comprise the Engineering Permit.