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West Hartford

Flood Mitigation Projects

The Town completed four drainage studies (See the links to the Studies below).  The four drainage studies include six focus (watershed) areas, which are shown on this map. Recommendations from all of these drainage studies have been categorized into tiers.  These tiers have been prioritized and the Tier 1 improvements for all six study areas cost approximately $170 million as described in the table below.

Project Area Description Tier 1 Total Area Cost Phase 1 project Cost
Area 1 - FEAT $38.5 Million $12.2 Million
Area 2 - Fern Street $20.4 Million $4.9 Million
Area 3 - Trout Brook Confluence $8.0 Million $1.5 Million
Area 4 - North Main Street $47.6 Million $17.5 Million
Area 5 - St. Joseph's Tributary $20.3 Million $5.6 Million
Area 6 - East Branch Trout Brook  $36.6 Million $6.9 Million
Total Cost = $171.4 Million $41.5 Million

The Town will continue to pursue grant funding for these construction projects, but is currently relying on the Town’s Capital Improvement Program for funding.  The Town’s Capital Improvement Program has $7 Million available in 2023 and $5 Million each year thereafter starting in 2024.

Advancing projects in several drainage areas, versus focusing on one drainage area, has multiple benefits, including spreading out the disruptive impact (traffic, noise, accessibility, and aesthetics) of construction, ability to break work up into smaller phases, more manageable construction packages, and providing interim drainage benefits to several drainage areas.