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West Hartford

Neighborhood Street Traffic Calming Program

The Town has successfully implemented traffic calming projects in select locations, but a formal program is necessary to establish the framework and provide guidance to help residents understand the process. This program manual also provides an overview of traffic calming methods that can be used to mitigate neighborhood traffic issues and standardizes the Town’s process for systematically evaluating traffic calming needs, identifying appropriate solutions, and prioritizing implementation.

West Hartford’s Complete Streets policy reinforces the Town’s commitment to safety on our roadways and protecting vulnerable users. This is an on-going challenge, especially with distracted drivers and even distracted pedestrians. We need innovative solutions to alter driver behavior, reduce the negative effects of motor vehicle use, and improve conditions for non-motorized street users. Traffic calming employs non-physical (education and enforcement efforts) and self-enforcing physical features to accomplish these goals.

Traffic Calming Program Manual