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West Hartford

Risk Management

The Risk Manager administers a comprehensive risk management program for the Town and Board of Education to analyze the exposures to loss and implement effective strategies to minimize the financial impact of these potential losses on the organization.  A combination of risk financing techniques is used to protect the Town's assets including its workforce, property and financial integrity.  The program includes claims administration, safety awareness, loss control training, actuarial analysis, contract review, insurance procurement and self-insurance funding for liability, property, and workers' compensation exposures.

Workers' Health & Safety

Recognizing that its employees are its most valuable asset, the Town takes its responsibility for employee safety very seriously.  Every reasonable effort is made to provide and maintain safe facilities, equipment, materials, procedures and methods.  The Town and Board have established Employee / Management Safety Committee that include all operating agencies.

Risk Management Advisory Board (Section 18 - 18 West Hartford Code of Ordinances)

In 1980 the Town created and established a permanent Risk Management Advisory Board made up of citizens of the Town to advise the Town Council and Board of Education on matters related to the risk management program, the investment of risk management reserve funds and matters pertaining to risk management that may affect public policy.

Mike Vignale

Job Title: Risk Manager
Phone Numbers:
Work: 860-561-7486

John Stewart

Job Title: Risk & Safety Analyst
Phone Numbers:
Work: 860-561-7485

Zach Batayte

Job Title: Office Clerk II
Phone Numbers:
Work: 860-561-7481