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Emergency Medical Services

About West Hartford's EMS

The Town of West Hartford Fire Department (WHFD) is part of an emergency medical services (EMS) system that provides rapid and high-quality EMS. With short response times and multiple paramedics on-duty within the Town at any given time, citizens and visitors should feel confident that they will receive excellent care should they require it.

Currently, there are 3 components of an EMS response within West Hartford.

First, the West Hartford Police Department officers are all trained in medical response. Police officers respond to most EMS related calls in a “first response” capacity, or the ability to respond quickly and take basic actions to assess or treat the patient prior to the arrival of other responders.

Secondly, all West Hartford Fire Department personnel are trained emergency medical responders or technicians (EMTs) and furthermore, a significant portion of staff are licensed paramedics. As cross-trained firefighter/paramedics, known as “intercept” paramedics, WHFD personnel are geographically located to ensure a rapid response anywhere in the community. When a paramedic is needed in town, the paramedic is delivered to the scene by either a fire engine or lighter duty vehicle which has at least one additional Firefighter/EMTs to support the paramedic.

Lastly, a private ambulance provider also responds bringing the capability of being able to physically transport the patient to the hospital. In some cases, the private ambulance also brings a paramedic but it is not consistent. In either case, if the patient condition warrants transport to the hospital while receiving the advanced life support level of care (highest level of care available pre-hospitally), the WHFD paramedic will accompany the patient to the hospital aboard the private ambulance. If the advanced life support level of care is not required, the paramedic returns to service and is available to respond to other calls for service, fire-related or EMS. All in all, an EMS call response is a very common occurrence in West Hartford. Most are done very smoothly, professionally, and efficiently.

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