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Emergency Medical Services

Enhanced Medical Response in West Hartford

The Town of West Hartford Fire Department (WHFD) provides Advanced Life Support (ALS) emergency medical services to our residents with leading-edge care and technology. With response times well-ahead of national standards, the WHFD operates with five cross-trained paramedic staffed units across our five response districts. Utilizing a combination of quick-response lightweight vehicles and heavy apparatus, visitors and residents should feel confident in the highest level of rapid emergency medical care 24-hours-per-day. 

A standard 911 response for emergency medical care is comprised of many vital components in West Hartford. Beginning with our partner professionals in the Emergency Reporting Center (ERC), our dispatchers are certified in the Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) Priority Dispatch program. This allows for the most appropriate response based on key diagnostic questions to determine the nature of the call. 

All personnel are minimally-trained to the Basic Life Support Level (BLS) and respond with our paramedic staff to support patient care. This model brings a well- trained taskforce response depending on the severity of the emergency. It is common to have several paramedics at a critical scene during an emergency. West Hartford Police (WHPD) will also supplement our medical response team when needed with additional basic life-saving equipment.

In order to address our significant call volume, WHFD is partnered with American Medical Response (AMR) to provide two dedicated transport units in town. WHFD paramedics remain with the patient to ensure continuity of treatment throughout the seamless “door-to-door” care experience.

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