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Fire Safety Public Service Announcement (PSA) Series

The West Hartford Fire Department was recently honored to work in partnership with the CCFCA, A2V Media, and several other fire departments to present some recruiting and fire safety PSAs.

In addition to these fire safety videos, the West Hartford Fire Department and personnel have actively been working to increase recruiting or draw attention to the fire service missions. Here are several videos that feature WHFD members.

The West Hartford Fire Department would like to show their appreciation and extend a personal "Thank You" to Alex Vishno, and the incredibly talented team at A2V Media!

CT Career Fire Chiefs - West Hartford Fire Department - Cooking Safety

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Click here to download the full Cooking Safety video. A shortened video has also been published and can be viewed here. To download the shortened video, click here

CT Career Fire Chiefs & Fairfield Fire Dept - Take CHARGE
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New Canaan Fire Department & CT Career Chiefs - Surge Safety

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Lithium-Ion Batteries

The CT Fire Academy is proud to announce its collaboration with the UCONN Fire Department and Residential Life in delivering a vital Public Service Announcement (PSA) to our community.

This PSA focuses on the pressing national concern surrounding Lithium-ion batteries. In 2021, New York City alone witnessed the alarming response to 104 fires ignited by these batteries, causing 79 injuries and tragically claiming the lives of 4 individuals.

To help combat this issue, we urge you to download and share this important PSA within your networks and communities. Together, we can raise awareness and promote safer practices regarding Lithium-ion batteries. Stay informed, stay safe!

Downloadable PSA on Lithium-Ion Batteries


Fire Departments of surrounding communities that the West Hartford Fire Department occasionally request or supply resources and manpower to. 

Avon Fire Department
Bloomfield Fire Department
East Hartford Fire Department
Hartford Fire Department
Manchester Fire Rescue EMS
New Britain Fire Department
Newington Fire Department