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The West Hartford-Bloomfield Health District welcomes candidates to apply for the following positions listed below. Please fax (860-561-7918), email, or mail an employment application and resume to: 

Aimee Krauss
West Hartford-Bloomfield Health District 
580 Cottage Grove Rd, Suite 100
Bloomfield, CT 06002


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WHBHD is seeking a full-time Public Health Nurse to provide comprehensive community health services including communicable disease control, immunization, testing and screening services and health promotion programs. BSN, State of Connecticut RN license, and five (5) or more years public health work experience required. 

Applications for this position will only be accepted electronically.  Please submit a cover letter and resume to Aimee Krauss, Director of Health.

Recovery Coach 

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A Recovery Coach is an individual whose role is to support others struggling with a substance use disorder (SUD). This position will serve as a role model, mentor, advocate, and motivator to recovering individuals. This position is responsible for engaging with the community, encouraging those affected by opioid-use disorders to set goals and seek sobriety, prevent relapse, or reduce the harm associated with opioid usage, participate in recovery\oriented activities, and develop a network of sober supports. This position will support referral and access to recovery resources. This position is part of the community health team and reports to the Director of Health.  

Community Health Coordinator 

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The Community Health Coordinator will lead community health activities and efforts to improve health and promote well being among residents through health promotion programs, needs assessments, strategic planning, and grant-funded opportunities. Some supervisory capacity including assignment of staff, staff development and measurement of outcomes, and oversight of the student internship program. This position reports to the Director of Health and will support in meeting Health District program objectives.  

The WHBHD shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, age, sex, national origin, physical disability or sexual orientation.  WHBHD provides reasonable accommodation to persons with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).