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Welcome to West Hartford Leisure Services! 

Leisure Services maintains award-winning recreational facilities and neighborhood parks, and offers hundreds of recreational and instructional programs for every age and interest. We also host special events and sponsor exciting trips for individuals, families and seniors. If you need assistance, give us a call. Our staff will help you find programs and activities that are right for you! 

If you're looking for a reasonably-priced location to host a birthday party, business or social event, our facilities offer Rental Opportunities to meet your every need.

Please check out our Employment Opportunities page for applications and job listings for part time employment.

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RecDesk Online Registration and Electronic Form Submission

Setup your family's account profile with our online registration system, then browse the program selections. You can do this for any program in Leisure Services! You can even submit your form electronically. Click on the RECDESK icon to get started. 

RecDesk Privacy, Security & Refund policy 

Basketball Courts




Buena vista  Golf Course







Celebrate! West hartford



Cornerstone AQuatics Center



Parks & Pools


Rockledge  Golf Course



Senior Centers


Skating Rink

Veterans Memorial Skating Rink



Special Needs Recreation



Youth Sports League



Tennis Courts



Walking Trails



Westmoor park



WH Conference Center




Leisure Services Registration and Safety Emergency forms are available through RECDESK, however if you would prefer to fill out, print and send the forms either by mail, email, or fax you may do so. Details on where to send the form(s) are at the bottom of the form(s). 

Wolcott Park Renovation Update 

Improvements to Wolcott Park have begun! New, post-tension concrete basketball, tennis and pickleball courts have been completed. Next is an upgrade to the park's electrical infrastructure and parking. Funding has been secured from Town capital funds as well as a generous grant from the State Department of Economics and Environmental Protection. We are grateful to Peter Miniutti, professor from UConn, and his students for helping develop the Wolcott Park Plan.

Office Hours

Leisure Services Town Hall
Monday - Friday
8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Contact Information

West Hartford Town Hall
50 South Main Street, Room 128
West Hartford, CT 06107
Full Staff Directory

Town Hall Staff Directory

Helen Rubino-Turco

Job Title: Director Leisure & Social Services
Phone Numbers:
Work: 860-561-7510

Marc Blanchard

Job Title: Manager
Phone Numbers:
Work: 860-561-7516

Mary Callender

Job Title: Facility & Events Manager
Phone Numbers:
Work: 860-561-7511

Marla Famiglietti

Job Title: Office Operations Specialist
Phone Numbers:
Work: 860-561-7514

Doreen Farina

Job Title: PT Staff Assistant
Phone Numbers:
Work: 860-561-7513

Linda Geisler

Job Title: Celebrate Coordinator
Phone Numbers:
Work: 860-561-7512

Gigi Li

Job Title: PT Staff Assistant
Phone Numbers:
Work: 860-561-7513