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Stars of Elmwood

A shining tribute to special people and memorable events! 

First page of the PDF file: Stars-Elmwood-brochure

Has there been a special event you would like to commemorate? Have you celebrated a graduation, wedding or religious occasion, or received an important promotion? Is there a friend or teacher you would like to honor? Have you lost a loved one, celebrated an anniversary or welcomed the arrival of a new baby?

All of life's important people and significant milestones can now be permanently recognized through Elmwood Community Center's "Stars of Elmwood" campaign. Created as a sparkling galaxy on the main wall of the Community Center's lobby, the "Stars of Elmwood" offer a wonderful opportunity for you to honor the special people and memorable events in your life.

Each four-inch gold star will be engraved with an inscription of your choice. The perfect way to announce a birthday, offer congratulations or remember someone dear, your star will shine prominently for all to appreciate and admire.

Proceeds from the "Stars of Elmwood" campaign  go in part to our Elmwood Community Center's Scholarship Fund, which enables all residents to participate in activities at the Center. Contributions will also be used to improve and enhance our programs and services.

Give a Star for Any Reason! 

Best Wishes
Family Pride
Great Teacher
Happy Birthday
In Appreciation
In Memory of
Religious Events
Super Coach
Thank you
Wedding Date
Well Done