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West Hartford

COVID-19 Course Rules & Restrictions

We propose to operate Rockledge Golf Club and Buena Vista Golf Course with the following safety protocols in place until further notice. The facility will follow CDC recommendations and State regulations to ensure staff and players feel safe when they play golf.

No In-Person Transactions
  • For Rockledge Golf Course, Book A Tee Time here to access the Club Prophet system. 
  • We strongly encourage all players to make starting times. 
  • Golfers waiting for their pre-arranged and pre-paid Tee Time (15 minutes in advance or less) may wait on the driveway leading to the Starter Desk or on the practice green. 
Facilities – limited availability
  • Clubhouse and Locker Rooms will have limited access. Must wear a mask while in the building. (Maximum of 4 people in each area).
  • Snack Bar may open under the supervision of the Rockledge Grille. Separate safety protocols will be submitted.
  • Restroom centrally located on course would be open, per Town code. Facility is limited to single-occupancy, one for men, one for women.
Course Changes
  • All ball washers removed from the course.
  • Increase starting times to 10-minute intervals to allow more space to spread people around course. Starters remind all players about social distancing.
  • Rangers help enforce physical distance protocols on course and parking lot.
Golf Cart Limits / Range Closed
  • Two players per cart, masked, unless of the same household. Encourage players to walk if they can.
  • All carts will be power washed, and seats, wheels and other high-touch spots sprayed with a bleach and water product after each use.
  • Range open with social distancing enforced, and mask wearing if not 6’ apart.
  • Buena Vista Golf Course – 9-Hole Executive Course.
  • Rockledge Season pass holders allowed, no transaction required.
  • Port-o-let for golfer will be provided.