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Speed Skating


Speed skating is a competitive form of skating in which the competitors race against each other for a certain distance. This sport has brought 75 Olympic medals to the USA so far. Speed skating is a very exciting and fast paced sport. In some races the speed may reach as high as 30 mph.

For individuals that want to participate in instructional sessions, coach Elena Sklutovsky is a former Ukrainian speed skating champion and US level 2 certified coach. During the session, skaters are divided in smaller groups by age and abilities. Sessions focus on speed skating techniques as well as the tactics and strategies of racing. Additional fees apply and are payable to the instructor. 

Come and try speed skating with us - Introductory Offer
  • 3 sessions $75.00
Equipment Required
  • Skates (beginners may use hockey or figure skates)
  • Long pants and long sleeve sweater/shirt
  • Helmet (bike or skateboard helmet is acceptable)
  • Knee pads (soft are preferred, but most are acceptable)
  • Gloves
  • Neck guard (hockey type is acceptable)

A waiver is required and can be signed onsite. You may call Elena at 860-983-5767 with questions. Please refer to our Facility Schedule for speed skating session times.