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West Hartford

Horses and Donkeys


Our horse Mac, is a breed called the Haflinger. Haflinger’s are small, stocky, draft horses, breed for pulling carts and wagons or for riding. They are known for their gentle disposition and are generally easy to care for. Born in 2006 at another farm in Connecticut, Mac was never trained to pull a cart or to be ridden. So with no real training, Mac’s job here at Westmoor Park involves being groomed by children in our programs, and smiling a lot. He also enjoys chasing the sheep, and going for walks in the woods.

Donkeys, Olive & Peaches

Olive & Peaches 

Olive and Peaches are a mother and daughter pair of miniature Sicilian Donkeys.  Olive is the mother, born December 2002 with the all black nose, and Peaches is her daughter, born September 2012, with the white nose.