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Sheep are considered to be members of the family Bovidae, which includes mammals that have hollow horns and four stomachs (ruminants).  Domestic sheep are all classified as Ovis aries, with many different breeds and varieties being recognized today.  It is thought that sheep and goats were domesticated about 10,000 years ago and were raised for food and fiber.

Mairsey Doats
Mairsy Doats

Mairsy Doats is the short brown sheep, a cross between a Romney Sire and a Cormo/Border Leicester dame.  Born in March 2013.  Her fleece is a  dark silver color with locks that spiral like corkscrew curls.



Kelly the Sheep

Kelly and Mairsy Doats are sisters, who share the same father, a Romney Ram. Born in April 2013.  Kelly's mother is a mix of Cormo/Border Leicester/Wensleydale.  Her fleece has short tight corckscrew curls too.  



Ivory Sheep







Phasma Sheep







Katie & Tenley
Katie and Tenley

Katie and Tenley are twins born to Daphne in March 2013 here at Westmoor Park.  They have won several blue ribbons at County Fairs around the state, but spend most of their days hanging out in the field with the other sheep.        




Missy is a Katahdin sheep born in April 2012.  She was bottle raised here at Westmoor Park, is very friendly and a little mischievous.