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West Hartford

Pay-By-License-Plate Kiosk


- Solar or AC powered kiosks offering multiple locations to pay to park.
- Accepts coins (dollar, quarter, dime and nickel).
- Accepts Master Card and Visa ($1.75 minimum increment).
- Accepts Passport mobile app ($1.75 minimum increment).
- Accepts Flowbird mobile app ($1.75 minimum increment).


Pay-by-License Plate Kiosks available in 3 zones.
- Zone 860 for on-street parking and parking in Arapahoe lot and Raymond Lot: 9AM to 10PM, M-Sa.
- Zone 475 for Brace Lot, Farmington Lot and Town Hall lot: 9AM to 2AM, M-F; 11AM to 2AM, Sa-Su.
- Zone 203 for Isham and Memorial garages. Operates 24/7. 
- Zone 860 for on-street parking and parking in Arapahoe lot and Raymond Lot: 9AM to 10PM, M-Sa.

West Hartford Central Business District. Covers less than 3/4 squared mile of municipal pay parking facilities. It includes over 500 metered parking spaces on-street, at Arapahoe lot, Farmington lot and the parking lot adjacent to 'Spaces'. Both Isham and Memorial Garage are also equipped with kiosks. Look for signs to point you to the nearest kiosk to initiate a parking session.

- Provide available on street parking spaces for the public to park.
- Pay for electricity that powers street lights, EV chargers and Webster Walk.
- Fund on-going maintenance, beautification and snow removal within the Central Business District.

- Provide parking availability for the public to park on and off street.

WHY PAY-BY-License Plate

 Offer multiple payment options: Coin, Master Card and Visa (debit or credit) Flowbird app, and Passport      mobile app.
- Pay at any kiosk and head directly to your destination.
- No need to return to your car to display the receipt.
- Add time to parking session at any kiosk of the same zone without returning to car or original point of  sale.
- Move car from 1 street to another (for on street parking) as long as your parking session has not expired.


Simple as 1-2-3.  Look for instructional placard displayed on each kiosk or check out our video on  how to use the kiosk below.