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West Hartford

Pay-By-License-Plate Kiosk


- Solar or AC powered kiosks offering multiple locations to pay to park.
- Accepts coins (dollar, quarter, dime and nickel).
- Accepts Master Card and Visa ($1.75 minimum increment).
- Accepts Passport mobile app ($1.75 minimum increment).
- Accepts Flowbird mobile app ($1.75 minimum increment).


For locations, rates and hours of operations take a look at our interactive parking map
- Zone 102 for 102 Lasalle Road Parking Lot
- Zone 203 for Isham and Memorial Garages
- Zone 475 for Arapahoe Lot, Brace Lot, Raymond Lot, Farmington Lot and Town Hall Lot

West Hartford Central Business District covers less than ¾ squared. The Town offers over 2500 parking spaces with on and off-street options. Here is our interactive parking map detailing information on paid parking facilities.

- Provide available on street parking spaces for the public to park.
- Pay for electricity that powers street lights, EV chargers and Webster Walk.
- Fund on-going maintenance, beautification and snow removal within the Central Business District.

- Provide parking availability for the public to park on and off street.

WHY PAY-BY-License Plate

 Offer multiple payment options: Coin, Master Card and Visa (debit or credit) Flowbird app, and Passport      mobile app.
- Pay at any kiosk and head directly to your destination.
- No need to return to your car to display the receipt.
- Add time to parking session at any kiosk of the same zone without returning to car or original point of  sale.
- Move car from 1 street to another (for on street parking) as long as your parking session has not expired.


Simple as 1-2-3.  Look for instructional placard displayed on each kiosk.