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Outdoor Dining

For the 2023 outdoor dining season, The Town of West Hartford will once again be deploying on-street enclosures in West Hartford Center and to a limited degree in Blue Back Square, which will allow some restaurants an opportunity to offer expanded outdoor dining areas to their patrons. 

For restaurants in direct proximity to the deployed on-street enclosures, you may apply to use that space by completing the 2023 Special Application for Outdoor Dining.  There is no fee associated with this application.  Completed applications can be emailed to Associate Planner, Brian Pudlik

The special application review will be conducted by the Town’s Local Enforcement Officials, including the Director of Health, Director of Public Works, Chief Building Official, Fire Marshal, and Zoning Enforcement Officer.

Applications will be reviewed and approved in 10 days or less after a complete application is received.

The total number of seats between indoor and outdoor capacity cannot exceed the number declared on your Food Service License application. If you would like to discuss your current seating allowance please contact Chris Hansen, Assistant Director of the WHBHD.

Restaurants with existing outdoor dining permits, which were approved prior to 2019, may operate under those permits provided that there is no expansion of either seat count or dining area. However, if any alterations to kitchen or food prep areas are made, a separate review by the Health District will be required.

If you own or operate a restaurant that established an outdoor dining area between 2020 and now, it is no longer valid.  You must reapply for the outdoor dining area through the site plan application process.  Please contact Associate Planner, Brian Pudlik, for more information on the site plan application process and requirements.

For questions or help with the permitting process, please contact Brian Pudlik, Associate Planner.

 On Street Enclosure special Application