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West Hartford

Planning Studies, Initiatives, and Updates

Merje Design Wayfinding Signage

The development of a comprehensive signage program will help to more easily direct residents, employees, and visitors to their destination. Currently, visitors are given a few visual clues offering information about the area; however, much of the existing signage is inconsistent or outdated.

map of study area

The Town of West Hartford is developing a comprehensive Infrastructure Master Plan for West Hartford Center. Given the continued growth and expansion of the Center over the past 30 years, an evaluation of the existing street infrastructure, such as traffic lanes, sidewalk widths, bus stop accommodations, and landscaping in the area is necessary to ensure that the area remains a great place for residents, visitors, and businesses. 


The Town of West Hartford is a conducting planning initiative focused on the preparation of an Affordable Housing Plan.  This effort seeks to further many of the goals and strategies outlined in the Plan of Conservation and Development, including encouraging a diversity of housing types and costs to provide access and availability of housing options to current and future residents and will help meet the requirements of the Connecticut General Statutes § 8-30j

Bicycle Facilities Plan

To provide a seamless network of on and off-street bicycle routes linking destinations such as schools, parks, shopping and public transportation from one end of West Hartford to the other in an accessible and comfortable manner for people of all ages and abilities.