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West Hartford

Transit Oriented Development Planning & Zoning Initiative

The Town of West Hartford is conducting a planning initiative to review the zoning ordinances around its two CTfastrak stations. This effort is a continuation of past planning studies and seeks to further many of the goals and strategies outlined in the recently adopted Plan of Conservation and Development

Specifically, this initiative seeks to better understand the opportunities and constraints for implementing possible transit-oriented development supportive zoning ordinances and will focus on areas within one-quarter (0.25)  mile of the Elmwood and Flatbush Avenue stations.   

What is Transit Oriented Development?

Transit-oriented development, also referred to as TOD, is relatively high density, mixed-use development that is located within a short walk (typically 5 to 10 minutes) from a fixed transit station. Being transit-oriented also implies pedestrian friendly design, the right mix of land- use types, compact development consistent with neighborhood character, and well-designed parking opportunities. TOD has many benefits, including:

  • Supporting higher density development, which can grow the tax base
  • Decreasing the number of automobile trips and associated air and noise pollution
  • Generating transit ridership
  • Lowering transport costs (transit is typically less expensive than driving)
  • Creating more vibrant live, work, and play opportunities compared to auto-oriented development.

Critical to this effort is meaningful public engagement which for this initiative, is designed to include a comprehensive community survey, including visual preference questions and three public workshops  Details and scheduling information provided below:

Community Survey

The survey is a critical tool that allows us to provide information to the public about TOD and its benefits and more importantly, to gather data on usage habits; perceptions of the quality of the existing built environment; and preferences towards future opportunities for the Elmwood and Flatbush station areas.  The survey will be open through mid-June.

Please click here to take the survey.

Community Workshops 

May 26th Community Forum

Community Engagement Summary Report

The report available below, provides a background and summary of the communicant engagement process, feedback, results and key findings and takeaways.  

Next Steps

Consistent with the results of the community engagement efforts, draft Transit Oriented Development zoning is being developed.  It is anticipated that a draft will be completed by September, with additional public engagement to follow.    

We will continue to update this site as the planning review progresses. 

Thank you for participating!

Questions or written comments on this initiative should be directed to the Town Planner, Todd Dumais via email or by calling 860-561-7556.