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West Hartford

West Hartford Center: Review of the Central Business District Zone

The Town of West Hartford is initiating a planning review that will focus on issues related to density in West Hartford Center. More specifically, and in response to recent requests for changes to the zoning ordinance with regard to density in the Central Business (BC) zoning district which were not approved, the Town Council directed town staff to reach out to the neighborhood surrounding the BC zone in West Hartford Center to create a public forum on the planning and zoning process and the applicability of planning and zoning principles within the BC zone.

Under the direction of a working group, the zoning ordinances will be reviewed with particular attention to regulations affecting building height, setbacks, building coverage, and floor-area ratios and various planning ideas will be explored. A participatory community engagement process, including two public workshops, will be utilized.

We will continue to update this site as the planning review progresses. 

Questions or comments on the draft plan should be directed to the Town Planner. 

Todd Dumais

Town Planner