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Internships & Education

Each of these divisions is tailored to the audience in order to provide participants with an experience like no other.  The instructors constantly seek out ways to improve each lesson; as well as discover new activities/topics to introduce.  Likened to a career in law enforcement, no two classes are exactly the same.

The Strengths of this course are the variety of fields they show you.  I completed a full internship at another agency and learned a fraction of what I learned at Behind the Badge. 

James W.

It was the most hands-on experience I could have ever gone through.  Every day it was a new activity and it never got boring.

Sophia M.

This course was put together extremely well. It was good to get the classroom sessions in first and then actually learn how to apply what we have learned to actual scenarios.

Cody H.

All of the hands on activities help with the confidence building of people who maybe are not used to being in high intensity situations.


The in-depth look into so many aspects of law enforcement, the details of the hiring process, the look into all this job entails- meaning potential harm and death which helps one really realize if they want to do this job and the extensive training and learning experiences.

Natalie Feliciano