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The West Hartford Police Department is currently hiring. This position is general duty police work involving responsibility for the protection of life and property; the prevention, detection and investigation of crime; and for maintaining law and order. Assignments are received from superior officers and are carried out in accordance with established police rules and procedures. Police Officers must use their own judgment and act without supervision in meeting emergencies. Work is reviewed through reports, on-the-job inspection and observations of results obtained.

Minimum Requirements

Age: Twenty-one (21) years of age. Applicants who are twenty (20) years old may take the examination; however, they will not be considered for appointment until their 21st birthday. Please state your date of birth in the space provided on the application.

Education: Graduation from high school or the equivalent State-approved General Equivalency Diploma (GED). 

Must be a U.S. Citizen

License: Applicants must possess and maintain a valid driver's license and a driving history in accordance with the Town of West Hartford's Safe Driving Record policy. An individual may not be considered for appointment if he or she has had a major violation conviction within a three year period; four or more motor vehicle violations other than major within a three year period; or suspension or revocation of a license for any reason in the past five years. A valid Connecticut Driver's License is required at the time of appointment.

Physical Examination: Must meet department physical fitness standards at the 40th percentile level certified through CHIP, Inc., prior to application. A copy of valid CHIP certification card (both front and back) must accompany application materials. A post-offer pre-employment physical examination is required prior to appointment in accordance with department standards.

Drug Testing: Candidates shall be required to submit to a drug test as part of the pre-employment medical examination. Applicants must complete the Drug Testing Supplement to the Employment Application. Failure to do so will automatically disqualify your application for the position.

Non-smoking requirement: Due to the physical demands of this position, the Town of West Hartford requires that all qualified candidates certify that they are nonsmokers. Applicants must complete the Nonsmoking Statement as part of the application process.

Character Requirement: Candidates must meet the highest legal and ethical standards. No applicant will be accepted with any drug related conviction, felony conviction, conviction for any Class A or Class B misdemeanor or any conviction for domestic violence. Candidates will undergo a rigorous background investigation, including a polygraph, before any offer of employment. An applicant may be disqualified for poor employment history, recent use of illegal drugs, or previously undetected criminal activity. Any omission, falsification, fabrication, lie or misleading statement will automatically result in disqualification from further consideration.

NOTE:  According to Connecticut General Statutes Sections 46b-146, 54-760 or 54-142a effective October 1, 2002, applicants are not required to disclose the existence or any arrest, criminal charge or conviction, the records of which have been erased pursuant to a finding or delinquency or a finding that a child was a member of a family with service needs, an adjudication as a youthful offender, a criminal charge that has been dismissed or nulled, a criminal charge for which the person has been found not guilty, or a conviction for which the person received an absolute pardon.

Required Knowledge, Abilities and Skills

Candidates must be trained in modern methods of first aid; and possess the ability to be trained in all aspects of entry-level police work; ability to observe situations analytically and objectively and to record the situation and information gathered in a complete and clear manner; ability to react quickly and calmly in emergencies; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with associates and the public; ability to deal firmly but courteously with the public; ability to lean modern methods of crime detection and prevention; ability to understand and execute written and oral instructions; ability to prepare clear and comprehensive reports; ability to learn the effective use and care of firearms and other self-protective devices; and have sufficient physical strength and agility to defend oneself or to subdue violent persons.

Police officers are required to perform their duties under all conditions of weather. Hazards to personal safety arise from both personal, mechanical and natural sources, and include possible loss of life.

Non-Certified Applicants: Candidates who successfully pass all phases of the examination for this position will have their names placed on an Eligible List.

Method of Selection Weight: 
Certification of Physical Ability Pass/Fail
Written Examination Pass/Fail
Oral Board Interview Pass/Fail

Certification of Physical Ability: All candidates are required to produce evidence of physical ability as certified through Complete Health and Injury Prevention, Inc. (CHIP, Inc.) Ability is defined according to Town of West Hartford Police Department standards (40th percentile standard). Evidence of certification is the candidate’s responsibility and is obtained separately from the Town of West Hartford recruitment process. To participate in the physical ability testing, candidates must register with CHIP, Inc. by completing a registration form and mailing it directly to CHIP, Inc. The Physical Ability Test is designed to determine if an applicant has sufficient physical strength and agility to defend him or herself and/or to subdue a violent person. (See CHIP, Inc. materials for details).

Written Examination: Candidates will be required to take the CPCA online written exam as a prerequisite for application. The test can be found at the following link:

Oral Board Interview: The last phase of the examination for Police Officer will be an interview before a panel of police and/or personnel representatives. This phase of the examination is designed to aid in the determination of a candidate’s maturity, communication skills and motivation for the position. The Town reserves the right to limit the number of candidates who are invited to the oral interview. Candidates who have passed the written examination but who have failed this portion of the examination will be disqualified at this time from any further consideration for the position of Police Officer.

Current Connecticut Certified Police Officers: In accordance with Police Officer Standards and Training Council Regulations of State Agencies, Section 7-294e-2, as revised, Connecticut-certified Police Officers who seek comparable positions in another municipality, with less than two years of post-certification experience, must return and complete the Council approved police basic training program at the Academy and a 400-hour Field Training Program.

Background Investigation: A thorough background and character investigation will be conducted for the specific purpose of obtaining pertinent data for the West Hartford Police Department to consider in determining suitability for employment as a Police Officer. Eligible candidates will be requested to authorize a release of personal information, however personal or confidential it may appear to be, including but not limited to, educational, financial/credit agencies and institutions, medical history, employment history, legal complaints, arrests, or convictions and motor vehicle history.

The Police Chief reserves the right to reject any eligible candidate whom, on the basis of background and character investigation or medical examination, does not appear to be the most suitable qualified candidate for the position in accordance with provisions of the Town of West Hartford Personnel Rules.

If you fail to appear for any part of the examination process, or if you do not pass any part of the examination, your name will be removed from any further consideration. An individual appointed to the position must satisfactorily complete an 18-month probationary period.

The Town of West Hartford is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.