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Patrol Services

The Patrol Division represents the "front line" of the community policing effort. These officers are very visible in the community, and they are largely responsible for laying the foundation for a positive rapport between the public and the police department. They are by far the largest division, providing 24-hour emergency response to the community.

Their role is an evolving one: as suburban life becomes more challenging and more complex, so does the job of the patrol officer who must uphold the law and yet be sensitive to certain social and human relations issues. Not every call is a "police matter." Patrol officers must be able to quickly evaluate problematic and sometimes escalating situations and make objective determinations as to the appropriate course of action that should be taken. Oftentimes, the resolution may include referrals to town agencies or other police department divisions whose programs are specifically designed to assist those in need of special services.

There are three shifts of patrol officers that provide 24/7/365 coverage to the Town.  Each shift is lead by a lieutenant and three sergeants.

Captain Daniel Moffo

Captain Daniel Moffo

Captain of Patrol Division

Lieutenant Amanda Martin

Squad Commander

Lieutenant Anthony Miele

Patrol Executive Officer (XO)

Lieutenant Matthew LaRiviere

Squad Commander

Sergeant William Norton

Patrol Services Division includes the following divisions: