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Block Party Permit

Any resident may apply for a block party permit. Applicants for a Block Party Permit agree to assume responsibility for properly blocking the street using barricades provided by the Town or 3-inch high visibility, caution tape purchased by the applicant if barricades are not available. On any given weekend, barricades are available for only 12 block parties. Barricades will not be available on the weekend of Celebrate! West Hartford, a two-day festival held in June, Memorial Day and the Park Road Parade held on the first Saturday in October. In these cases, residents may still apply for a permit, but they must purchase 3-inch high visibility, plastic caution tape and block the street by extending the caution tape between two weighted, mobile supports that enable you to get a vehicle in or out.

The permitted hours for a block party are 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM on weekdays or from 12 noon to 9:00 PM on holidays and weekends. 

Please note that some high traffic streets may not qualify (see list below of "Arterial Streets and Collector Streets" that DO NOT qualify for a Block Party Permit). Block parties are only permitted from the first weekend in May through the fall season weather permitting. No permits will be issued for October 30th,  October 31st, or November 1st.  

Please complete the Block Party Permit Application. Completed application are due in the Public Works office at least 4 days prior to the event. You will be notified when your application has been approved.  

For more information, call Public Works at 860-561-8100.

Block parties are not permitted on the following arterial and collector streets:

Arterial Streets  
Albany Ave New Park Ave
Asylum Ave North & South Main Streets
Boulevard Park Rd
Bloomfield Ave Prospect Ave
Farmington Ave Ridgewood Rd
Mountain Rd Sedgwick Rd
New Britain Ave Simsbury Rd
Newington Rd Trout Brook Dr


Collector Streets  
Arnoldale Rd North & South Quaker Ln
Brace Rd Steele & North Steele Rd
Caya Ave (I-84 to Prospect Ave) Oakwood Ave
Fern St Raymond Rd
Flagg Rd South Rd
Flatbush Ave South St
Kane St Talcott Rd
King Philip Dr Tumblebrook Rd
LasSalle Rd Tunxis Rd
Mohegan Dr Webster Hill Blvd