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West Hartford

Eversource Tree Maintenance

Trees are the number one cause of outages during storms in Connecticut. Statewide, data shows a continued need for several types of vegetation management, ranging from regularly scheduled trimming and pruning to removal of trees that are decayed, insect-infested, damaged, or structurally weak. In 2024, Eversource plans to trim trees along 77.7 miles of overhead electric distribution lines, and 22.1 miles along the backbone of the electrical grid. Work began in January.

Eversource has provided the Town with this year's notice of planned and scheduled vegetation maintenance work on the electric transmission right-of-way (ROW) located in West Hartford. View the MAP of streets to see where work will occur.

The planned maintenance will involve the side pruning and selective removal of hazardous trees that are located along or just beyond the Right-of-Way (ROW) edge. All planned work in the ROW will be reviewed in advance by the Town and all tree removals beyond the limits of the ROW easement will be discussed with the property owners before the performance of the work.

Eversource serves 29,220 customers in West Hartford. In 2023, 28% of all power outages were tree-related, impacting 4,926 customers. From 2019 to 2023, 418 customers refused to let Eversource perform trimming of branches that touch the power lines.  

We are asking for your cooperation as Eversource performs this important work to keep our town up and running year-round. 

Review the following links for more details regarding the types of maintenance planned.

Tree Reliability Infographics