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Leaf Collection & Vouchers

Leaf Voucher Information

The Town of West Hartford will soon improve and streamline its Residential Leaf Voucher system. Leaf vouchers allow private contractors to dispose of leaves from residential properties at the Town’s Yard Waste and Recycling Center free of charge. Residents using the voucher system should only be charged for the cost of transporting their leaves for disposal and for the labor charges associated with cleaning their property.

The online process is simple and easy. Fill out the online form and click submit! 

The form asks for the resident’s name, address and contractor’s information. Once the information is submitted, it will be available to the staff at the Yard Waste and Recycling Center. No paperwork is necessary.

Private contractors will be required to provide the Yard Waste and Recycling Center with the name and address of their residential customer represented on the voucher. Leaves cannot be disposed without a valid voucher. Vouchers are valid for ten (10) business days from receipt.

After 10 days, the resident would need to reapply for a new voucher which gives the contractor permission to make another disposal of leaves from their property. This process would be repeated throughout the nine-week leaf collection season.

Residents may use as many vouchers as needed during the 9-week collection period but must obtain the
voucher prior to the contracted work. This year’s collection period runs from October 28 through December 27, 2020.

Contractors should note the program is for leaves only. Loads with material other than leaves, including
sticks and brush, are subject to rejection or associated tip fee.

Bagged Leaf Collection

Each fall the Town of West Hartford offers residential properties a bagged leaf collection program for weekly pickup, weather permitting.  Leaves will also be collected when placed in a marked Yard Waste cart purchased through the Town. Yard Waste barrels may be purchased online here.

Each week on your regular refuse collection day crews will collect only leaves bagged in 30 gallon biodegradable paper bags placed at the curb or leaves placed in the specially marked cart. Below is a general list of guidelines covering our collection program.

Tips & Benefits of the Leaf Bag Collection: 

  • Leaves are picked up weekly on your trash collection day during the period of November 2 through December 18, 2020.
  • Place leaves in either 30-gallon biode-gradable paper leaf bags, or in a specially marked yard waste cart purchased through the Town. (To order a cart, call 860-561- 8100 or purchase online).
  • There is no limit to the number of bags a resident can place at the curb.
  • Bags and carts must be free of branches, sticks, rocks, dirt, grass and other debris. Bags must weigh less than 40 pounds and carts must weigh less than 60 pounds or they will be marked for rejection and not collected. No plastic bags or loose piles.
  • BRUSH WILL NOT BE COLLECTED DURING LEAF COLLECTION SEASON. Bring woody waste to the Recycling Center for proper processing.
  • Keep loose leaves out of the street; taking care not to cover storm water drains.
  • Bags/carts may be placed at the curb at any time. Place them at the curb even in advance of your scheduled collection day. Crews will move into other collection areas once they have completed their day’s assignment.
  • Bags/carts should be placed at the curb no later than 6 AM on your scheduled collection day.
  • For properties serviced by private contractors, leaf vouchers are available to home- owners through Public Works.

For more information regarding the leaf collection program, contact Public Works at 860-561-8100.