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West Hartford

Waste Reduction Pilot

Fair Trash Reduction

Connecticut is in a waste crisis, unable to process the rising volume of trash in-state. Annually 800,000 tons, which is 40%, of trash is trucked out of state! In an effort to address this crisis the State offered grant funds to communities committed to trying innovative and proven methods to collect and reduce waste. West Hartford was one of 15 municipalities to win grant money to pilot a waste reduction program.

Since the May 1, 2023 pilot start date, over 115,000 pounds of food scraps, from 300 participating pilot households, have been diverted and sent to Quantum Biopower Anaerobic Digester in Southington, CT. The pilot neighborhood is a Monday route near Morley Elementary School, see map below. The Pilot continues through June 11th.

Please see It's Time to Talk Trash presentation to learn more about the program.

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Time to Talk Trash Presentation
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Instructions for Pilot Participants

  1. You will have received orange trash bags and green food scrap bags and a 6 gallon food scrap collection carrier.
  2.  Please try to limit your trash to 2 or fewer orange trash bags a week. Place in regular trash barrel and place at curb on trash day.
  3. Place ALL food scraps (meat, dairy, and bones too) in green trash bag in green carrier bin and place at curb on trash day at least 3 feet away from the trash barrel.
  4. Recycling remains the same.
  5. Pet waste; a suggestion is to collect in a separate bag, and just before trash day place this bag in orange bag on your trash day.
  6. Make use of the town’s Yard Waste and Recycling Center at 25 Brixton Street for disposal of many materials like textiles, metals, paint, extra recycling, mattresses and E-Waste (anything with a cord and no freone).
  7. For questions, comments and feedback please email or call 860-561-8100 or 860-561-8107.

Map of Pilot Neighborhood

Map of Pilot Neighborhood

Pilot Program Brochure

First page of the PDF file: Waste Reduction Pilot Program Brochure

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