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Poll Worker Information

The West Hartford Registrar of Voters are always looking for good people who care about their community, who want to ensure that each vote counts, and who want each voter to have the best possible voting experience. This is an opportunity to fulfill an important civic duty and earn money at the same time. 

Before you apply here is some information you should consider: 

All positions are full-day positions, which means you must arrive at the polling location at 5:15 AM and stay until the close of the poll. The poll officially closes at 8PM, but may need to stay open later if voters are still in line at 8PM. Most poll workers have paperwork and/or clean up to complete and will not be released from their position until all work is completed.

Following an intake interview, a two-hour training class must be taken by all poll workers before the election. Certain positions require more extensive training. The fee paid for each position includes payment for training. There is no separate payment for attending required training class.

All poll workers must have access to a computer (in order to take the required training) and must provide an email address and telephone number in order to be contacted regarding work.

Poll Worker Descriptions & Per Diem Remuneration: 

Application for Paid Poll Worker