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West Hartford

Polling Locations & District Map


The Town of West Hartford has nine (9) voting districts. Voters can find out if they are registered to vote and their new polling place at the Secretary of the State's "Look Up" site. All polling locations are open from 6AM until 8PM on Election Day. 

District Location Address
#1 King Philip Middle School 100 King Philip Dr. 
#2 Bristow Middle School 34 Highland St.
#3 Town Hall 50 South Main St.
#4 Charter Oak International Academy 475 Oakwood Ave.
#5 Wolcott School  71 Wolcott Rd. 
#6 Conard High School 110 Beechwood Rd
#7 Sedgwick Middle School 128 Sedgwick Rd. 
#8 Braeburn School  45 Braeburn Rd. 
#9 Hall High School  975 North Main St.


First page of the PDF file: DistrictMap