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How Revaluation Impacts Taxes

Many residents are asking the following questions about their July 1, 2022 property tax bill. The following information is to help you understand how taxes are calculated.

The Town of West Hartford has completed the revaluation of all real estate on its Grand List as of October 1, 2021.  Revaluations are required every five years by the State of Connecticut. The primary purpose of a revaluation, which is a mass appraisal of all real property within an assessment jurisdiction, is to eliminate any assessment inequities that may have developed since the implementation of a previous revaluation. This is accomplished by updating the assessments of real property to reflect their current fair market value.

The assessment represents 70% of your property's current market value as of October 1, 2021. Please note that the new assessment, not the market value, is the basis for your tax bill in July 2022. The Town mill rate currently proposed at 39.83. is applied to that new assessment. If you are entitled to exemptions, they will be applied to your July 2022 tax bill.  

Is there an appeal process?

Yes. You can appeal your assessment annually if you believe that your property’s assessment did not accurately reflect 70% of the market value as of the October 1st, 2021 revaluation date. If you wish to appeal your assessment, you must submit an application to the Board of Assessment Appeals. The filing period is January 2nd through February 18th. Applications will be available online or in the Assessment Office, Room 142, after January 2nd.

Before you appeal your assessment, ask yourself THREE questions:

1. Does the Assessment Office have the correct information on my property? You can verify that the details of your property are correct by going to the the website or visit the Assessment Office in Room 142 of Town Hall.

2. What are similar properties in my neighborhood selling for? You can do a sales
analysis by going to the web site and clicking on “Sales Search.” Make sure that you choose recent sales that are similar to your own property by selecting similar criteria like dwelling style.

3. Could I sell my property for that amount? Bring with you any recent appraisals, real estate broker’s opinion of value, or a list of recent sales in your neighborhood of homes most similar to yours.

Can taxes be appealed?

No. Taxes are simply a function of the assessment multiplied by the mill rate.

Can I make payment arrangements?

Yes. Staff in the Tax Office can discuss with you the terms of payment. Please be aware, however, the state law requires interest of 18% to be charged on any unpaid balance after August 1st.

Are there tax relief programs available?

Yes. The State of Connecticut and Town of West Hartford have several tax relief programs. They are:

  • State Elderly and Totally Disabled Homeowner's Program
  • State Legally Blind Program
  • Local Totally Disabled Income Based Program
  • Local Tax Freeze
  • State and Local Veterans Income Based Programs
  • State Active Duty Military Service Motor Vehicle Exemption
  • State Federal Soldiers and Sailors Act Motor Vehicle Exemption

For information on the above tax relief programs, visit the Assessment office in Room 142 or call 860-561-7410. For information on other financial relief programs, visit the Social Services office in Room 306 or call 860-561-7560.