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West Hartford

Absentee Ballots

The Secretary of the State will be mailing out absentee ballot applications beginning September 8th. You may place your completed application in the Election Drop Box located at the main entrance to Town Hall or mail to 50 South Main Street, Room 313, West Hartford, CT 06107.  Please make sure that you application is signed.

Ballots will be mailed starting on October 2, 2020. 

In the event you do not receive an application by September 30th, download the application (available in English and Spanish) and print. Please make sure printer is set to print the full page which may require setting adjustments. Each person who applies for an application must sign it with an original signature. (Parents cannot sign for their child or spouses for each other.) Please complete all information legibly.

Military personnel and persons temporarily living overseas may submit a Federal Post Card Application to register & apply for an Absentee Ballot.  For information regarding the Electronic Transmission Service email:  For any UOCAVA related questions email:

After the completed application is returned to us, we will send a ballot and instructions to you beginning October 2nd. We must receive the voted ballot back in our office by Election Day in order for the vote to count. Should you decide to vote in person, you may discard your ballot.

For more information, please contact us at 860-561-7430 or by email at  If you do not receive a response, please check your spam folder.  For information on voter registration or polling locations, please click on the links provided or contact the Registrar of Voter's Office at 860-561-7450.


Permanent Absentee Ballots

Public Act 12-57, “An Act Concerning Permanent Absentee Ballot Status for the Permanently Disabled” created permanent absentee balloting status for certain individuals and became effective January 1, 2013.


To be eligible for permanent absentee ballot status, an elector must file with the Town Clerk an absentee ballot application together with a certification from a primary care provider stating that they have a permanent disability and are unable to appear in person at their polling place.  The primary care provider note should be on letterhead. There is no prescribed form—the primary care provider note and the absentee ballot application would satisfy the requirement of the law. Permanent absentee ballot status enables the elector to receive an absentee ballot for each election, primary, and referendum in the municipality in which they are eligible to vote.  Absentee ballots are available 21 days before a Primary and 31 days before an Election.;


In January of each year the Registrars of Voters will send written notice to each elector with permanent absentee ballot status to determine if the elector continues to reside at the address on the permanent absentee ballot application.  If the elector fails to respond to the notice, the permanent absentee ballot status will be removed, but the elector will remain on the voter registration list.