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Land Records

The Town Clerk's office accepts instruments regarding property in West Hartford. These are legal documents for recording on land records. They should be prepared by an attorney and then either sent or brought to our office for filing. The Town Clerk's office cannot provide blank forms.

Land recordings are accepted between the hours of 8:45AM and 4:00PM. Any documents received after 4:00PM will be held for recording on the next business day. 

Recording fees are $60.00 ($159 with nominee) for a single page document or for the first page of a document, and $5.00 for each subsequent page within the same document. When recording a deed with conveyance consideration, an additional $2.00 is required to cover processing the forms for the State Revenue Department. The Conveyance Tax for the Town of West Hartford is .0025.

Copies of land records or property descriptions are available for a fee of $1.00 for each page. If you need a certified copy, the cost is an additional $2.00.

If you wish to subscribe to E-Search and view the land documents from home or work, complete and print this form and return to the Town Clerk's office.

Electronic recording from Connecticut Dept. of Revenue Services

Information Sheet

State Conveyance Forms:

Click here for electronic Connecticut Dept. of Revenue Services forms (The Conveyance Tax for the Town of West Hartford is .0025).

Click here to register for Connecticut Dept. of Revenue Services e-Recording portal.

For more information, call the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services at 1-800-382-8963 or 1-860-297-5962.


West Hartford is pleased to announce that we are now accepting e-Recordings. We are currently using four delivery agents, CSC, ePN, Indecomm, and Simplifile. To find out additional information on each delivery agent, please use the following links: