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Reserve Blue Back Square Event

People or groups wishing to schedule the use of any portion of the Blue Back Square public space may do so by contacting Renée McCue at 860-561-7521, not less than 48 hours prior to the time for the scheduled event.

Step 1: Click here to view available dates on the Blue Back Square calendar posted below. (Please note: Performers are not paid. Performers may not solicit tips.)

Step 2: Complete a Reservation Form. No fee is charged. 

The reservation form will ask you to provide a brief description of the event, its location within the Blue Back Square, an estimated number of both participants and attendees, and your electrical needs. You must carry a copy of this form with you on the date of your performance as proof that your have permission to use Blue Back Square. If you don't have it, you be asked to leave by a West Hartford police officer.

Step 3:  Insurance is required for large scale events.

Step 4: A Temporary Food Establishment Permit is required if food is served on site.

Step 5: Parking. All performing groups receive up to six complimentary parking permit in the Memorial Garage. Renee McCue issues the one-day parking permits upon the approval of the Blue Back Square reservation form. The Memorial Parking Garage operates with a Pay-by-Plate kiosk system. Simply enter the garage and park. Place the permit on your vehicle's dashboard.

You may pull up close to the pergola (stage) to unload. You must quickly move your vehicle to the garage, otherwise you will be issued a parking ticket. Police Officers strictly enforce the No Parking laws. 

Step 6: Please review the Policy regarding Public Use of the Blue Back Square Area.

Note: Musicians and performers that perform at Blue Back Square are not paid. Busking (the solicitation of tips) is not allowed. Police take notice of this and will ask you to leave. Secondly, the Town of West Hartford does not provide sound services. You provide all the equipment that you’ll need for your performance. 

Electricity: Before your concert/event, consider taking a look at the site so you know where the electrical box is located and the size of the pergola (stage).  The electrical box is located in the flower bed on the stage level, closest to the Goldberg’s.  There is a second electrical outlet on the pole near Goldberg’s Bagel. 

After Hours Assistance: If you need any assistance with electricity at Blue Back Square, please call 860-748-0259.

Blue Back Square Events Calendar

October 2022
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Sep 25
Mon, Sep 26
Tue, Sep 27
Wed, Sep 28
Fred Opong
Webster Walk at Blue Back Square, Isham Road
Thu, Sep 29
Adult Paint Night
Webster Walk at Blue Back Square, Isham Road
Fri, Sep 30
Sat, Oct 1
Sun, Oct 2
Mon, Oct 3
Tue, Oct 4
Wed, Oct 5
Thu, Oct 6
Fri, Oct 7
Sat, Oct 8
Sun, Oct 9
Fall Artisan Festival
Webster Walk at Blue Back Square, Isham Road
Mon, Oct 10
Tue, Oct 11
Wed, Oct 12
Thu, Oct 13
Fri, Oct 14
Sat, Oct 15
Kids Market
Webster Walk at Blue Back Square, Isham Road
Sun, Oct 16
Kids Market (Rain Date)
Webster Walk at Blue Back Square, Isham Road
Mon, Oct 17
Tue, Oct 18
Wed, Oct 19
Thu, Oct 20
Fri, Oct 21
Sat, Oct 22
Sun, Oct 23
Mon, Oct 24
Tue, Oct 25
Wed, Oct 26
Thu, Oct 27
Fri, Oct 28
Sat, Oct 29
Halloween Stroll
West Hartford Center & Blue Back Square
Sun, Oct 30
Mon, Oct 31
Tue, Nov 1
Wed, Nov 2
Thu, Nov 3
Fri, Nov 4
Sat, Nov 5